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Enbux not supported anymore

Enbux is not supported by The Best PTC Sites any longer.

With experience in their pocket you would think that they have learned their lesson but no. Horrible server performance in more than a week, impossible to earn anything from referrals or refer anyone to the site.

There are other sites that deserve the slot much more than this site. One of them is olebux that is not having any referral limits at the moment and give a decent income. Referrals are also very easy to get because the site is still very new but it sure does grow fast. The owners that run the site also run another paying site called companybux. They also have a few matrix sites that are also paying.

I hope you agree with this decision :)

Another site that was added is Adptc. For those that wounder where that site came from with 50 000 members in the first few days, it's actually very simple! 70cents split into 7dollars matrix and adptc not easily continue their sites and have less confused people.


Christina Crowe said...

Interesting. Thanks for the info! I normally don't like joining new PTC websites, since they have a habit of disappearing.