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Olebux *update*

It seems like they are willing to try to solve this somehow and it was nice to hear. Also they told me that the support ticket was not ignored so posting my information on their forum could be a simple coincidence.

Also my information was removed from the forum, the hacker thread.


Anonymous said...

i have seen one of weirdest payout on this site on LAtest Payout, i can't remember the user name, but it said there name.....amount:0.00$ lol how they have payout someone with 0.0010$..

D said...

Hi, can you also help me out.. I too am suspended on the olebux site with no apparent reason that i knew of.

I have created support tickets to their site but it seems they were not even looking into it..

I hope somebody on this site can really coordinate something with OleBux..

Thanx in advance..

Alexander is my real name said...

I gave up, they did not respond to my support tickets after that last email when I provided the information probably because I had a lot of referrals and wanted a good future there.

Anyway, if they don't want my free promotion they won't get it. Sad that I reinvested almost everything I earned instead of cashing it out.

moneymanph said...

I have also had my account suspended, while pending a withdrawal, also support tickets have not been answered, their forum is no longer available, and cannot contact support anymore, seems like they are going towards a scam.