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Wordlinx is back on track! ( Good ptc )

Wordlinx, one of the best and long time paying ptc sites is back on track.

In the previos post I mentioned that Wordlinx had problems with a huge chargeback attack but now the problem seems to be over.

What does this mean? It means that there will be more ads and that Wordlinx is once again a strong paying ptc site.


NeobuxScam said...

Of course a site like Wordlinx old and stable wouldnt go down or turn scam just because of one problem. They will keep rocking threw many more years and anxious to see what their new site is all about :P

Neobux Scam?

Skyelar said...

I was wondering if you guys had any info on


no dear hopeless site only one ads per day some day go dry --no ads . so why to register and waste the time for such sites?