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Hello everyone!

Today I will post about blogspot and ptc blogs using it. Ptc investigations (A blog I really hate) got their blog marked as a spam by google. Everyone started to yell that google mark ptc sites as spam "bla bla bla". So this is where I come in :)

PTC Investigations was a blog full of banner links and was a very slow loading blog. Google send out their bots to search bad spam websites, they can see how many banners one site has and how fast it load. I think this is where their blog failed big time. Since google support is really horrible, the owner/s of PTC Investigations probably didn't even contact them to solve this.

I know many popular ptc blogs that are hosted at blogspot and they are doing just fine, including this one. Sure, a few were suspended but it was either because of too many links in sidebars or because the blog was not "used as a blog". The last one is very unclear but I managed to avoid it so far by posting new content as often as I can and not only promoting a few banners.

So the conclusion is.. don't be afraid of using blogspot to have a ptc blog. Hosting content at your own host is always the best and cost only a few bux per month but if you want a free place, blogspot is perfect! Even if your blog get suspended, you can still generate a backup and upload it somewhere else.

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Dav7 said...

well, that's your point of view, but I am still afraid of loosing my blogs.

I'm doing backups more often now.

I would like to read some opinions from blogspot about this case :S

dieorfly said...

Hello Tixe,

you are certainly right. I think google hate just banner and link farm blogs.

I think google had to start fighting against all the spam blogs not just because they suck a lot of bandwidth but also to keep the blogspot brand credible.

Although I think my blog is not spam blog I decided to migrate to my own hosting, I just put too much time into my blog and don’t want to wake up one day and notice that all this work was just waste of time because google decided my blog is spam.

Anonymous said...

It's not my point of view, it's the truth.

You can't lose your blogs, just buy your own domain name and you can always get a backup generated if google hates your blog. Later you can upload this backup anywhere you want and redirect your domain name.

Anonymous said...


Well, you don't need your own hosting just the domain name. In case something happens just redirect your visitors to the new place where you upload the backup without losing anything :)

Santosh said...

Guys backup all your post...
I do it for my blog...

Milin said...

Nice post........

frank boon said...

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