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More Wordlinx News, The Best PTC :)

Wordlinx is a 6 years old ptc site that always got something new for the members. It's one of the top3 ptc sites.

In this month newsletter there were some really good news. They will lower the verification membership price from $10 to only $5! But only for a week so keep an eye on their twitter account.

Another new thing is that they are going to edit their current referral earning system. The members will only get paid from simple sign-ups up to ten levels! I'm not sure if the referral click earnings still will stay but time will show. This is mostly good but could be bad if they will remove earning from referral clicks because I think many people earn good money from it.

And the most cool, epic and LEGEN - DARY new improvement of them all (for good or bad) is that worldlinx will open their first forum after 6 years online!

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chad said...

Definitely agree that Wordlinx is one of the best ptc sites out there. They have been around along time and pay very quickly.

frank boon said...

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