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Why I'm a "hacked" and "tryed to hack them"

So olebux put me on their "tryed to hack us" list in the forum. Here I wanted to explain why so that some people don't think something they shouldn't.

I started at olebux very early, promoted and even upgraded later. I had 350 direct referrals and 100 rented. I also just upgraded for another month a few days ago. I really belived in this site and promoted it everywhere, even put it in this blog.

A day ago I discovered a huge gen3 bug that could easily be abused. So I went to olebux (the only gen3 besides I'm active at) and wanted to check if the site was secured. My plan was to try it and if it wasn't, I would just email and report the problem to the admin. I admit that I was kinda hoping for a gift for doing so such as free premium membership maybe? ;)

Anyway, I tried it on my own account because I did not fear anything since it was a honest act by a honest person but the site was already secured and I saw some warning text. Okey so no free premium and the site is fine. I opened a support ticket and explained the situation. A few hours later my account was suspended and no support ticket reply received.

At the same time or maybe a few minutes after my suspension they created a thread for cheaters and posted my name there. (wow, a thread just for me? :)) Of course there are many other people there and I know for sure they did exploit the bug to abuse the site but the thread was created at the same time I was suspended and not them.

Anyway I can't blame olebux too much even if I hoped for a most understanding admin than that and they can save a lot of money by doing this (350 directs/100 rented/premium 40+ days) but putting my name on the forum was a bit too much. So I felt a need to explain myself here since the olebux support staff refuse to listen.

Also Olebux broke the terms of service by posting my email on their forum.

2.4. Your email addresses will not be shown, given or sold.

Very bad move but oh well... no respect for privacy.