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Adptc gave me 10$ prize! :)

Adptc gave out some cool prizes because they reached more than 100 000 members and guess who won free 10$ for having the second best amount of direct referrals? ;)

Yeee.. it was me ! :D

Thank you everyone who joined under me from this blog and everyone else. I would also like to thank my mum, my dad and ... naa just kidding! :)

But really, thank you everyone who follow this blog and force me to write more posts with updates. New sites will be added soon.

You can find more winners here:


Dav7 said...

damn, I was toooo lateeee.

In some sites I have more than 1500 direct refs :\

I really have to join adptc some day!!

Alexander is my real name said...

Ye, adptc was great to me so far and this was very cool action from the admin.

If you can get so many direct referrals, you should join adptc because it's one of the best sites right now for those that can get direct referrals and the rented give profits from what I've heard.

Sara said...

Hi..congrates dear
Can u sufggest me how can i get direct referrals...Im really desperate about it...

Anonymous said...

You need to advertise like everyone else to get direct referrals :)

Anonymous said...

can you tell me how much you are earning from these ptc every month or week?