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Ptc sites are sleeping

Hello, long time no see!

I haven't been posting anything lately simply because there is nothing new. Cashium was bought by palmbux admin but was never back at its old shape. Most of my ptc earnings come from neobux and buxp. Some extra money come also from clicksia, wordlinx, donkeymails and jillsclickcorner.

Clicksia is a site I want to add to this list today simply because it's one of the to rated auroras out there. It's been paying for years and always very fast even if you are a standard member requesting a payment.

I'm also uploading some new screenshots (latest payments). I know some of you enjoy to look at those :)

Merry christmas and a happy new year everyone! Let's hope that there will be new great ptc sites started next year so that we can earan more and don't forget to follow/bookmark this blog to be up to date!


Dav7 said...

how come??!!

so many Christmas bonus being given!!

Alexander is my real name said...

Christmas bonus? Do you mean discounts? That got no news value to me ^^