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Linkgrand Added Premium Membership

Yes, Linkgrand has now come to the dark side and introduced a premium membership option for the member. It's official launch is at the April 18 2010 but you can pre-order already now!

They want to get 1000 upgraded members before the launch for advertisers but I doubt it will be that easy.

What you will get as an upgraded member is the following;
*More ads to view for premium members only
*All premium ads are worth double of what the normal ads are which is $0.006
*All updates and news will be sent to the premium members before the standard members.
*You can setup your account so that an email will be sent each time a new ad appear at linkgrand.

This all cost $10 yearly or $20 for a lifetime membership. Remember that Linkgrand is a very old ptc site so the life time membership can actually be worth it.

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