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What's happening, forum?

Didn't update in a while so here I am!

Although adptc got their account locked/suspended/limited by paypal, I don't know which, I received a payment to my alertpay account from them today. I'm not sure how many days I waited (I don't count this kind of things) but it wasn't longer than normally.. I think. Also ads are working now in other browsers than Firefox, I'm enjoy surfing there with my lovely Google Chrome right now :) Another thing worth adding is that you can now see the clicked ads instantly without any need of refreshing the page.

Cashium is very close to being finished and launched! It will be added soon to this blog! There are not many bux sites open right now so we should do our best to help this site to grow and become big.

Buxp, well there is a cool new feature added. You can see your referral earnings with a graph! Also I'm gathering a big amount of money before my next cashout request so be ready! ;)

Donkeymails, did anyone else notice that the ptp became really horrible lately? I stopped promoting this program a few month ago because the earnings decreased with like 1000%. Really strange because the ptp rate seems to be the same..

Neobux is still paying and everything is fine. I haven't seen any drama there in a while.

Jillsclickcorner is also still a fine paying ptr website that is online for many years. The easiest way to earn from it, is by doing all those paid to sign up offers. Of course feel free to click all ads, I just click the $0.0005 valued ads and higher to not waste too much of my time on almost nothing.

I requested a payment from wordlinx today of 16 USD and it was sent to me instantly. I really love this ptc site but more ads would be nice for both me and all the standard members. I recommend to upgrade at this site and click all ads when they refresh at 01:00 CET. Don't forget that the new upgraded memberships earn 10% from referral clicks!

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