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Buxp low on ptc ads

Lately BuxP decreased amount of ads available for standard members. A lot of people dislike this and complain.

This is what the admin had to say about this;
"Due to high increase of visits/day last months a lot of ads expire during the day so at the evening you sometimes have 50% less ads than normal. but we are working on a solution (we are going to divide the ads display time during the day so not all ads refresh at same time)"

Let's hope that this is true because BuxP is almost a 3 years old ptc site that paid more than $58623 to us during this time! Also because I got more than 2000 referrals but that's another story ;)


RobertoH86 said...

Hey Alexander,

i just have a doubt when you upgrade, all the 0.001 turns to 0.01 ads or yo get more cheap ads?

I want to upgrade my account but i just dont get this clear.


Best PTC said...

Nice info brooo

Alexander is my real name said...

When you upgrade, all the 0.001 become 0.002 and you get some 0.01 ads. But mostly it's 0.002 ads instead of the 0.001 and you get much more ads.

Also your referral earnings increase.