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Clixsense started to use alertpay

Clixsense is now sending payments by checks and alertpay, not only checks like before. In many years clixsense refused to use paypal or alertpay to send their payments but the tough industry years finally forced the site to evolve like the rest.

This means that more people can use the website in the future and earn money. Also the payment fee will be decreased. This is great news for all the hard working clickers!

The site will soon be added to the list like before becuase now it's actually worth clicking there again. Also, don't forget that this website is similar to wordlinx so upgrading there will increase your earnings a lot. With a toolbar you can see when the new ads are appearing if you need those extra pennies.

To receive payments to your alertpay account, simply go to "my account" -> "details". There you can choose to receive a payment by alertpay with a 50 cent fee instead of getting paid by check with a $3 fee.

To download the toolbar, click this link: Clixsense toolbar

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Blogger said...

how much do you need to cashout to
alert pay is it still the same (10 dollars)

Anonymous said...

Yes but with lower fees if you choose alertpay :)

Anonymous said...

thanks but I'll just reach the payout amount and request by check and then Im going to leave clixsense. I just click it whenever it comes up on my toolbar. Anyhow thanks for the info.