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This One Is Really The Best Ptc Site ;)

Wow, I bet you all know that I love wordlinx but from today it's more than that!

So I was clicking at wordlinx and though that I woud recommend a feature that wordlinx could easily introduce. I wrote an email and asked them to put this feature on their "to do list" and guess what? A few hours later I receive an email where they thank me, telling that they will do it and that I got 500 credits in my account for my great idea.

Wow, would some other site do it? I think not..


dieorfly said...

Hey Alexander,

Pleased to see this kind of active approach from wordlinx.

Just wondering, would you mind to share that feature with us?;)

Best regards


Anonymous said...

Well... it was a more details referral history. For example if some one upgrade, I would see it there and not just see the money boost.

It's a little hard for me to know how many referrals are active in my downline because I only see how much they clicked and when their account was created. The only thing I do see is that my balance is boosted with a few cents once in a while and sometimes I get purchase bonus :D