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Clixsense scamming promoters?

There is a popular thread at earnmoneyspace where people talk about a person called northowl (owner of clicksia/incentria and the forum earnmoneyspace). He was banned from clixsense for some secret reason that clixsense does not want to talk about and his ip was banned from the site.

NorthOwl aka Mr. Jackson was the best promoter for a few weeks at Clixsense with 150-200 new referral everyday. He managed to get more than 3000 referrals before his account and ip was banned. Clixsense is also known for owning StormPay, a payment processor like Alertpay and Paypal.

This can be an interesting reading for you.


More about StormPay here:

3 comments: said...

Oh crap! The site was so good.

tixe said...

I feel you! :)

cutiemimi09 said...

woops,. stormpay... :D
we know the history :P

yah,. I have read the topic,. I am not updated if northowl was answered now,. I think they sent support ticket but clixsense is not answering