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Neobux turning into a HYIP

Lately neobux started to introduce a lot of bad changes every month and this month is not different compared to any other.

Standard members at neobux must be active in a month before they can upgrade or get direct referrals (This information is not 100% confirmed) and earlier this year neobux also introduced direct referral limits.

Now the new big news for neobux fans is that they will pay a few cent for every rented referral they decide to let expire. That means if you got 100 referrals and you want to let them go, you will need to pay neobux 4-5$ from your main balance.

It looks like neobux will soon become a HYIP where only upgraded members will be able to earn who invest in referrals everyday.


dieorfly said...

Hey Alexander,

I think nobody likes changes. Especially when it seems like the changes will spoil present situation.

But I believe neobux admin is skilled enough to take wise and needed steps to keep his company running as long as possible.

Regarding to one month activity of standard members: I think this is useful.

There is many newcomers to neobux and to whole PTC thing and have no idea about it, just want to earn money fast so they upgrade. But they don't know how to use it at all.

Regarding to expired refs fees: I need to say this apply just for new members, old members could choose weather to join this change or no.

And yes, I don't like this change neither, but again neobux is a company, which want to be profitable as long as it can. Ant I think this is another step to prolong its life.

People will not leave neobux because of these changes because they know there is not many ptc sites they can trust as much as they can neobux.

But of course earning here will be even harder as it used to be.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

I hope it wont turn out like that but yeah it is introducing this things to control members.
Great site. Bookmarked you amigo!

widi dwi said...

About must active in a month its true, i just sign up a few moment ago, i saw those ... but, if before a month we already click over than 100, we can use our direct link ...

Viswanathan said...

No you cant. You must reach both limits to get direct referrals! i.e You must have 100 self-clicks and 30 days of membership to start getting direct referrals.
There is 1 more change proposed... Direct Referral purchase i.e. Admin to pay user a fee to let his direct referral be purchased by the site.