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Linxsense - Early Scam

There is a new ptc site that many people think is unique. Well.. with help of the best ptc sites you will now learn the truth!

First impression of Linxsense is that it's some kind of legit website because of the name (similar to Clixsense) and a very unique design for a ptc site.

So far it looks good but if you investigate a little more, you will see that the terms of service are exactly the same as

That is not all! Thanks to a forum member of EMS it is now known that the design is was stolen from

You would think that must be all but you ARE WRONG! The site is whois protected and have a similar renting system to the above mentioned svbux.

So, will you trust a ptc site with stolen name, design, referral renting system and terms of service? On top of that all things the owner also decide to use whois protection for this domain name so that we won't know what that person have done in the past. A suggestion from the best ptc sites is to avoid joining this site.


Anonymous said...

If we banned every site that copied someone else, there would be none left. Palmbux is a basic Neobux clone with lower click rates. The bots, however, work exactly the same. The upgrades systems are the same. A scam is when someone does not pay for what you've done. For all you know, Linxsense may even have paid a royalty for their stuff.

Anonymous said...

It's not just the fact that they did not do anything themself but also the fact that it's a whois protected site. Basicly everything that is needed to run away after the first week without any time loss.

With early scam I wanted to say that it would stop paying very early because Linxsense is not interested in creating a ptc site. Their main goal is to get a few investments and close the site early.