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11.10.09 is back!

As an update to the latest blog post, is back online!


Buy website traffic said...

That's great to hear, thanks!

shiroi said... I've already ditched that GPT site. No TOS, no forum and no FAQ pages... smells scam! Have you been paid by them?

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See you @

harjit03 said...

hey hi dude , i guess u de owner or admin of pplinx site i am not able to login ,
could u help me ,
i am getting error

Log In
Login Error!

Your account has been suspended. Your suspension is only temporary and you will automatically be unsuspended in 11111 days.

dis is wht i am geeting when i login ,,,,,

wht is dis

plz reply

Paid to Click said...

No, actually it's a paying site and I know the admin a bit but they do not have that many links to click.

Anonymous said...


Write email to support and you will get usnuspended for sure!