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Wordlinx, Alertpay And Mini Ads

Hey guys! Long time without posts, I've been busy. Really busy. I will try to behave in the future :)

Anyway, just wanted to start updating the blog again and I will start with Wordlinx news. Did you see the Alertpay logo at wordlinx front page? Well, alertpay is now used by wordlinx for the payments. Great for those who could not use paypal!

They also introduced mini ads. They are worth $0.001 for the clickers. If you want to advertise, it cost just $9 for 5000 visits. I recommed this advertising as there are many good members at wordlinx to refer to other sites. You can even try to sell something :) I tried clixsense mini ads and to be honest they didn't work too great. I belive more in wordlinx advertising.

If you are not a member of wordlinx yet, click here and register! It's one of the oldest ptc sites that is still legit.

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