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Buxp under ddos attack under 4 hours

Earlier today the old ptc site buxp was under ddos attack. As a result of that, the site was down for more than 4 hours.

It's really shame when that happens to honest sites but it's already back and available for everyone.

A quick note, if you want to earn more money at buxp, be sure to activate adult ads. There are currently 12 adult ads available and of course be sure to click at the video ads. Buxp admin promised upline earnings for the video section in the future.



Russ Benk said...

I haven't been able to log in to BuxP for the past 3 days. A shame I really like this site. I also agree about activating the adult ads they have increase a lot in number, from memory I think one of them is worth $0.005 instead of the usual $0.001.

Alexander is my real name said...

It was under attack again but should be up now on a new server. :)

Honest GPT & PTP said...

Ive heard buxp is a good site and I have been following your blog since last year so i decided to join under your affiliate link. I hope another ddos attack does not happen to them.

arshad1976 said...

bux is the best site and i am using all the bux sites and working with them but i never face problem. may be due to load and popularity some time some people face problem by for this we cant say that it is shameful.

Get To Paid said...

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