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My current ptc earnings

Hi, I just wanted to write a quick update on my earning situation just from ptc sites.

My top earning sites are still neobux and buxp but also clicksia. The last few monthes my clicksia earnings were increased. Clicksia is now almost at the same level as buxp and neobux when it comes to earnings.

Buxp earnings were decreased as the standard ads are not as many as they used to be. Also it seems that buxp is expanding and has its focus on both ptc ads and youtube ads. As a premium member I see 16 youtube ads right now and 14 ptc ads. Referral earnings from youtube ads are less than from ptc ads.

Neobux earnings were decreased due to the major changes that took place a few monthes ago but are lately very stable. It's not at all as it used to be but still worth being an active member.

These are my 3 top ptc sites. I'm trying to promote incentria and get some active referrals just like I got on clicksia but so far without any success. People are liking clicksia more for some reason although they got exactly the same business model and almost the same amount of ads.

And of course I earn from all of my other sites that are located at where to earn but not as much. Clixsense could be a better earning platform for me but they decreased referral earnings a while ago and that ate almost all of my earnings at that site. I still earn a little but not at all as much as I used to.

I also promote ptcprofitboost guide and from that I earn some money from time to time. It's an easy sold help ebook for beginners. Everyone that buy this ebook also receive a free access to a secret ptc forum and can get a free support related to ptc sites if it's needed.

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