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Twistbux new owner

It looks like the old owner of twistbux sold the site to a new person that told the news in the forums. He claims that he got a team that is expert in SEO and they got a strong financial backup. He also told that in the next few month twistbux will boost on search engines.

Here are some quotes from the forum:

"Dear Members,

My name is Huy, i'm the new manager of twistbux, me and our team will make the best of the best for twistbux to become the best of PTC on the net, our honest, serious and professional will keep twistbux a long live. We need your help to keep the forum clean and respect, we also ask our members to be tolerance because we have many projects and we are very busy.

We ask all our members be active and make more advertising for us and we bring cash to twistbux for a long live.

Kind ragards,

P.S English is not my mother language, so i'm sorry for some misktakes. Thank you for your understanding."

"Alexandru still here for help.

Our new team will make twistbux up, we are expert in SEO and our financial is strong.

We hope in next few month will boost on search engines.

Please hejz, help us to keep this forum clean from spams and take care all members and give advice yo our news members. Thank advance.

We will working on the background.

Keep connect.

Kind regards,"

Cashout seems to be disabled at the moment, the comment on that was that his alertpay account is new and he sent the document for the business account to alertpay and it can take up to 2 weeks to get accepted by alertpay.


Anonymous said...

I think you did well selling that Twistbux site. It was very close to becoming a SCAM.

I wonder how someone with your PTC, online money making and coder experience could be so naïve to design such an idiot pricing system. No one with the right mind could click ads for 0.25 cents/click.

The new owner of Twistbux is another alien. That guy thinks that improving the key words (SEO) will make this site a success. If Twistbux were the only site found by Google still no one will want to register here with those prices.


Anonymous said...

People do click for 0.25 cent per click but this site wanted to sell expensive memberships and not so much advertising and that's why it failed.

Trusted ptc said...

Twistbux was paid well, i'm happy with twistbux, please check my payment proof on twistbux forum.