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Neobux click problems

It seems that a few people are affected by the "invisible bug" at neobux and can't click their ads because at the end of the loading bar an error come up instead of a green symbol that credit your account.

Here is an answer from the admin that I received in neobux forum:

If there was something wrong on this end, it would be the end of the world.
Last time I checked, the world is still alive.

Do as instructed in the "Click here to find out why". You may also check for any plugin blocking Flash.
To know if the problem is with your current browser, try using another one.

However I used my browser in a few month at neobux clicking without any problem and it works perfectly fine at other sites. It seems that I'm also not the only one having these problems and more and more people open new threads at neobux forum and complain.

A temporary way to click at neobux for us who can't is by clicking every ad twice or until it starts to credit you. Just click an ad, receive the error and refresh the ad by pressing f5 at your keyboard. This seems to be working for those who have these errors. I tested myself and it works fine!

But if you want this to be fixed, go to neobux forum and start a thread in BUG REPORTS. This way the admin will be more informed and won't be so proud anymore.


Caroline Guillermo said...

Thank you for this blog, I thought Im the only one having this problem.

I'll try your suggestion but i have informed the support desk too.

You blog honestly unlike other sites that even recommend scum sites.

I wish you more success as a blogger.

Anonymous said...

I get the same problem now.
I can't post in forum..and I don't know how to tell the admin