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Buxwiz experiencing server problems

Yes, it's true! The site is actually having problems with the server.

I was surfing yestarday at Buxwiz without any problems until I clicked my second ad. That's when the site started to freeze and I couldn't receive my 1 cent after the timer ran out.

A few minutes later they put this text on the front page:

We are experiencing some serious server problems.
In contact with support. Trying to sort this out now.

The BuxWiz Team


Anonymous said...

yes so true i was very upset but what i really appreciated about this ptc site is that it emailed its users that it was experiencing problems which it showing that the site is very responsible. i have placed it on high alert though.

--------Andre Clarke------

I want to change my to column into a three column can i get some help please.

Anonymous said...

Yes, buxwiz staff are acting very professional. When I requested my instant payment to a wrong paypal account and asked for help, they sent the payment to the correct account within 24 hours.

wahyu said...

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