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My PTC Clicks is now sold!

"SO who is the new owner?"

"Hey Tixe:

Thank you for writing concerning this. The new owner's name is David, and he goes by the name
Tzimuk. As of this writing, he has not set up a profile here. I will be working with him over the next few weeks to help in getting him up to speed with learning this system, so that you, the valuable members: will be taken good care of.

The only thing that has been holding me back (personally), is that I have started working outside of the house/office. This has been taking 70+ hours of my time away from working online: which is the main reason I sold the site in the first place.

I will still work with this site in the capacity of moderator (in the forums) and assistant admin on the site, for the time being. I will encourage David to make a posting in the forums to introduce himself as soon as he can."