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Cobybux is scam

Cobybux is scam, atleast that's what GPTBank admin is telling in a little forum thread I've found in the news section:

"Hello dear GPTBank members,

Since cobybux has been launched it's TOS and referral limits were changed million times. We have also had a problem about our user and exactly he proved he is good at lying. There are many reasons to put cobybux to scam list. His awful english, non-helpful support etc... Importantly his/her paypal and alertpay accounts are frozen. His site has been online for more than 2 months and he didnt care to verify his alertpay account. There is %1 possibility to receive our payment. Because of this small possibility your pending shares have been distributed with GPTBank's finance. If we receive the payment GPTBank balance will take $10 benefit. Do not care with GPTBank's balance and enjoy your money