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The best ptc sites list is being updated!

Hi! I didn't update the best ptc sites list in a while and I think it's time to do that now..

There are many sites out there that are worth joining and earning from that area really great and paying on time in a very long time now and there are sites in the list that are just ineffective. Many visitors of this blog do not like sites with big minimum payout if it's a site with low ad value and many people are too lazy to use traffic exchange to earn money or get referrals with.

That's why I decided to remove a few sites and add a few new sites! Good news is that these sites are paying in several month and I already received atleast one payment from them.

Anyway, the blog is being updated now! And while doing that, I will also add some recently received payments that I was too lazy to upload before.


rohit said...

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Alexander is my real name said...

Nice pagerank :D What deal would that be?

Matty said...

Nice Site. You show a lot of the new upcoming PTC sites which is a big help to people trying to get in early.

You seem to be averaging about $10 a week so congratulations and keep up the good work.