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Buxp, browse videos

Guys, guys and garls!

I see a lot of complains about buxp but a lot of the people that complain seem to forget that they can also earn from video ads! Yes, buxp also has a section for video ads where you view them for the same amount of money as the ptc ads.

Just go to the main menu, choose EARN MONEY and click Browse Videos. I just wanted to update you all on this as I see more than 40 ads in that section, more ads than in the ptc ad section.

Happy earnings, I hope that this post was useful for some of you :)

If you are not yet a member of buxp, you can find a link here.


Anonymous said...

Hello Alexander. Have you heard about imperialgetcash? It is a PTC relatively new (3 months) that seems to work fine up to now. I would like to know your opinion. Should I join this PTC? Their rates are quite good.


Alexander is my real name said...

Sorry, have not heard about it.

It's a buxhost site, I wouldn't expect too much of it :)

Anonymous said...

Well, it seems that there are exceptions among BuxHost sites. Up to now they have paid more than $4,000 and they continue to increase. I'm still watching. By the way, InfinityBux is also a BuxHost site and is doing very well.