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Neobux Referral Purchase Comissions

As some of you may know, ptc site neobux introduced purchase comissions from direct referrals a not so long time ago. In this post I just wanted to show that it's really working and is a totaly okey extra way to earn from neobux although it's not that much.

You can read about these new comissions in this post:

There are a few other good sites that have referrals comissions, these are auroras with a little lower click rates. The ptc sites are, and If you manage to get a lot of referrals, these sites are really good to join. You will sometimes earn more from sales comissions than the actuall ptc section.

Here is an example of my clicksia comissions from purchases:
Please note that I'm upgraded at clicksia :)

You can join neobux here, pplinx here and clicksia here.