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Svbux Scam - closing the site

I quote:

"Hello, This is over, Tom. Too many chargebacks. We've been refunding today nearly 50 times. I just want you to know that we did not earn any big money..., lot of money went to users who have invested on Sv 11-6 weeks ago. A lot of went for server expensives and the Firewall. I can bet that some of users from Sv have received more profit than I did.... It was really nice time to work with you. You can do the chargebacks now, go ahead. It's too late for anything. I will appreciate it if you leave me a contact to you."

Hello, I wish I could do something, but I can't... I did not sleep for 2 days looking for a solution, reading forums, chating with support from diffrent hostings but it seems that my experience is too small for big things like a Sv. Now when PayPal is blocked, and the AP is going to be blocked tomorrow, I'm giving up. Thank you, Tom.

Svbux admin blame chargeback for the site going down but is it really the real truth? We will never know. One thing is for sure, paypal did not close their account just maybe put for investigation that usually take some time but not too long. Some one sent a ddos attack on svbux a few days ago but in the end it was svbux members that closed the site if you belive in the admin story.