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Neobux, not only bad news! :)

A new feature was introduced at neobux that allow members to sell their active direct referrals for a lot of money!

"The prices are very attractive and are as follows:
- Referrals with an average between 2.00 and 3.99 = $1.00
- Referrals with an average between 4.00 and 5.99 = $2.00
- Referrals with an average equal or higher than 6.00 = $3.00"

With some calculations I came to this conclusion:
1 If you are an upgraded member you should keep your referrals! That's of course if you don't need money in your renting balance really bad and you got some sucker that only got 2 clicks per day average. If you do need renting balance money, sell them! But only those with avg between 2 and 4. Referrals with avg of 5 or more are epic rare and you should hug them everyday!

2 Standard members earn 50% of what premium members earn from their referrals and therefor can either sell or keep their referrals. It's a lot about luck but if you think that the referrals will click more than 200 ads you should probably keep them :)

The only trick here is that the money will be added in your renting balance and as we know if you stop renting you will lose a small amount of money from each lost referral. So unless you are going to try neobux renting system and try to benifit from it, do not sell your referrals.

Please note that most of the referrals will never meet the criteria to be sold for more than a dollar so you will still earn a lot from your direct referrals even if you decide to sell the most active once.

I think this is a good thing for new neobux tactics and people who already spend money on neobux renting system.

More info here: