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Cashpill - Money For Nothing

With Cashpill you can earn money for nothing.

Yes, it's true. All they want you to do is to visit the website and everytime the progress bar reach 100%, you can request a payment.

With the new feature you can also promote the website and if the winner is comming from your link, you will receive 10% of what that person win. The visitor will be recorded for 30 days so if you send a person to that website and that person win something after 25 days, you will still receive the 10%.

I don't know how long time this website will last before adsense ban it but I really like the idea "Money For Nothing" :)


Mitch said...

I checked site just for a minute now and don't think they actually break any of adsense TOS..
yeah, they probably just give percent of adsense earnings, but I don't see any click forcing or encouraging or what ever could get them banned?
nice site, finally something for us lazy asses :) race ya to tha money

Anonymous said...

Yes I know but Adsense usually ban sites to the right and left. I don't belive this in the long run, they will probably say that there are too many invalid clicks and suspend their account.