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BuxWiz - cashouts disabled

Buxwiz disabled cashout page with this announcement:

"We have detected some very serious security flaws on some parts of our script - The Support Page, Private Messaging, Banner Advertising and Cashout page.

We are putting in all the work we can to get them up back and running, but we will take our time if needed to get it as secure as possible, as a group of cheaters today have used the security holes to cashed out amounts they do not deserve. To prevent further abuse of these flaws, we have disabled the above mentioned pages. We will enable them one by one as soon as we fix them.

I think I won't get some sleep for the next few days, but I hope it wont take that long.

Also, we are experiencing some backdoor issues and will soon try to solve them, so some downtime is expected in a few days, but we will keep you updated.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

UPDATE: Support module back up.
UPDATE 2: Private Messaging back up."


AL2Fenrir said...

Can you provide me a link to this topic? Where did you get this by the way?

Just wanted to confirm..

AL2Fenrir said...

I think I already found it.. thanks for the info..

Anonymous said...

It's in their forum, in a section called "announcements"