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Wordlinx 8 years old

Today, wordlinx is over 8 years old!

wordlinx 8 years old

It feels great to know that a ptc site can last this long time. Wordlinx has worked really hard to reach this milestone, no doubt about that. There used to be two ptc sites that were old and legit, wordlinx and clixsense. One of them didn't want to change and one of them always tried to change and improve itself. The one that wanted to improve was wordlinx.

New design, new features and easy website interface made it easy to love wordlinx. They did not promise a lot of ads but they had a promising business website. Clixsense on the other hand, had a crappy design looking like from the 80's.

Here is a funny thing. When I looked at wordlinx facebook page today, I saw that 666 people liked the page :)

Congratulations wordlinx! You deserved it, and I think we all wish you a bright future for both wordlinx and your sister site sharemore!


Pladza said...

Dear The Best PTC Sites,

I am the owner and admin of and I’d like you to view and review my website, is that possible? If so, here’s my request!

Pladza is a different PTC, you’ll probably be confused at first, I recommend you to read our FAQ and “The Revolution Files” (a text located on our blog), feel free to contact me in case you have any doubt! :)

Kindest Regards,
The Admin

larry said...

pplinx has been deemed a scam site for a long time now, why do you promote them? I only use

Alexander said...

Only one stupid blog PTCI labeled PPlinx as a scam.

Here are some facts: PPlinx paid for almost 3 years to everyone now without any excuses on time. Even when there were bugs and some members earned 10 times more than what they were supposed to earn.

Paidtoclicksearch on the other hand, is a website I've never heard of. I'm not sure if you are just out promoting this website and trolling and really asking the question.