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Palmbux scam

Yes, after a week they still do not allow members to cashout so we can easily say that palmbux now became one of those sites that pay after a long time or pay only a limited amount of money.

Of course you can belive that the new version is going to allow you to cashout but how exactly would new code bring more money to palmbux? It would still take time to earn money with the new script before you can let everyone to request a cashout.

The Best PTC Sites label the site as a scam.


dieorfly said...

I see your point and I really don't want to defend Palmbux.

But why would they put so much time and effort to implement a new script if they plan to scam?

I am standard member there and have already received 3 instant payments. Last one on 8.12.

Best regards.

harjit03 said...

what are you saying friend recently rented some refrals ,,, dont say dis ,,not feeling good ,,,, are you sure,,, dey showing my next payout 4$

Kelvin Lee said...

It Paying.... i just received my payment today... It take less that one minutes for them to pay my money to my paypal account...

Anonymous said...

No they don't... they pay like 10$ everyday to one person isntead of paying to everyone..

There is a Error with the cashout.

Anonymous said...

New version won't help them to get more money.. Many sites say they are upgrading to new version and go scam. Remember crewbux? ;)

Lestermartin said...

Palmbux is back on track, they have ironed out the problem with Paypal