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PerformanceBux moved to scam list

Today I finally decided to move PerformanceBux to the scam list.

The site was renting out bots and now they finally run out of cash after launching a lot of websites within their "ptc network" that also rented out bots and became scam.

Also I'm sorry for the latest inactivity. I will try to be more active from now on.


Performancebux sucks! said...

Performancebux has fully disappointed me! I have to admit that they did act as professional scammers! They succeed into cheat a lot of people and it was really hard to understand it early enough!

Anonymous said...

Hi ,i have reached 4.8$ and iam trying to cashout from the last month. I im getting the same error all the time. I too agree that performance bux should be moved to scam. they wasted a lot of my time.

Guang said...

But the have paid me several times. Nothing big, around 6.50 dollars. But now it's evident scam.

Anonymous said...

johnstore6500 is scam

that is person scam