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DonkeyMails, from a trusted gpt network

Some simple facts before we start :)
DonkeyMails ptc site
Standard Member Benifits
Ads: 5-10
Your own click rate: 0.01$ - 0.0002$
Referral earnings: 5 referral levels of commission; Level 1 - 10%, Level 2 - 5%, Level 3 - 3%, Level 4 - 2% and Level 5 - 1%
Payout time: Every two weeks
Minimum Payout: No Minimum E-Gold and 1$ Payout at LibertyReserve, Paypal and Alertpay.

Premium Member Benifits
Premium memberships for premium just simply give you a chance to get new referrals when donkeymails advertise and there are also premium memberships for advertisers.

The list of all the memberships is too long to be written here.
Don't forget, this blog is about earning and not advertising!

Premium/Upgrade cost: ~

Paying with: AlertPay, PayPal, E-Gold, Liberty Reserve and CreditCard(PayPal)


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do u know bux-secure? It's scam?